I’ve held out long enough. I intended to save my favorite dish for last, but Manju mentioned that they had chow chow bath, and I couldn’t resist.

Chow chow bath

Chow chow bath is a two in one dish combining kesari bath and khara bath (kesari is on the left, khara on the right). Both are made with semolina. The word “kesari” refers to the spice saffron, which gives the dish its saffron-orange-yellow-color. It is sweet and creamy and has bits of raisin and pineapple in it. Kara bath is spicy savory. The two dishes when combined are chow chow bath. Served with coconut chutney! Yum. Seriously, you have no idea.

Bisibelle bath

Sara hadn’t ordered the bisibelle bath yet, so gave it a try. Its tamarind spicy goodness and crunchy topping make it my second favorite to chow chow bath.


And because we were curious about what was served with the bread dishes, we ordered chapati. Chapatis are delicious warm, round flat bread. They were served with coconut chutney and a beetroot sagu.