Home sweet home. 

At the top is my apartment building. 

Picture 2: My terrifying propane stove. Upside: I’m stuck with an electric stove at home, and here’s my chance to cook with gas, which is vastly superior. Downside: explosive propane tank that gives me the willies to even look at. 

Picture 3: My kitchen implements. Modest, yes, but basically exactly the stuff I need: electric kettle for tea, saucepan, a few small skillets, spatula, big spoon, paring knife. Finest plastic table settings. 

What I cannot capture with my camera is how slow my internet is. You’ll have to trust me on that.

Today’s project was to register at the Shala. Got a 7 AM start time – by far the earliest I’ve ever started out with. And scored a 4:30 led time, which is awesome because I’m an early bird and love a good reason to get up while it’s still dark.

I assume I’m in the grip of jet lag, since it took 36 hours to get here and I still haven’t crashed. I imagine I will keel over at some point between now and midnight, but in the meantime, this day feels about 48 hours long and spans 10,000 miles. Totally worth it, though, to see Sharath – especially when he smiled. <– Yes, I know. Sounds like a cult.